MyCare Syracuse Addiction Treatment Services

The first step is usually the hardest when it comes to addiction treatment. Acknowledging that you have a problem and looking for assistance will be the start of the journey towards recovery.

MyCare has the experience and the facilities needed to give patients access to high quality addiction treatment services.

Dr. Laura Martin, one of our team members, has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field of opiate addiction treatment. Dr. Martin was the chairperson of the Addiction Therapy Program at North Medical Center, Liverpool. She has also specialized in the treatment of addiction with many medications and referral to individual and group therapy, one of the best possibilities for addressing opiate addictions.

Are You Dependent or Addicted?

Are you in need of addiction treatment? Are you looking for the best program for a loved one?
Several important questions need to be asked in order to assess the dependence.

Are you or is a loved one experiencing the strong urge to take a drug or to consume large quantities of alcohol?
Is physiological withdrawal experienced whenever the drug is stopped or its quantities are reduced?
Are you or is a loved one showing signs of tolerance?
Do the quantities of the drug have to constantly be increased to achieve the original effects?
Are you or is a loved one neglecting other interests and typical everyday activities?
Are you or is a loved one continuing to take the drug, regardless of the fact that it has a destructive health and lifestyle effect?

Positive answers to all of these questions establish the framework of an addiction.
Looking for help immediately will be essential to regain control of your life and to diminish the health risks that come with drug or alcohol addictions.

Addiction Treatment Overview

Personalized approach and a lot of attention to detail are determining for the MyCare Syracuse family practice addiction treatment. Patients go through several crucially important steps that are essential for the selection of the best possible therapy. We partner with area councelling for the best care.

What to Expect from Your Addiction Treatment Program

You are aware of the fact that you need treatment, which is so important for making the transition towards complete recovery. Not knowing what to expect from the addiction treatment program, however, can be terrifying.

As you go through the program, you can expect the following:

Detox is the first part of the process, and many addicts consider it to be the most challenging one.
Education is the second key component to addiction treatment – you will get to look at your addiction and start changing your attitude towards it.
Counseling and professional advice will help you regain control and learn how to act in challenging situations.
Expect close follow up, frequent visits, and unscheduled visits to be asked.
Close interaction between families, therapists and physician

Do you have questions about addiction treatment programs? Are you looking for addiction recovery options for a loved one?

Give us a call today to discuss the specifics of your situation. Please specify the reason for your call so that we may direct you to the person who can best help.