My Care Syracuse: Insurance and Billing Information

My Care Syracuse accepts most major health plans and networks. We make every effort to provide competitive prices and prompt pay discounts for our cash pay patients. A patient coordinator will confirm your coverage at the time an appointment is scheduled. Please bring a copy of your insurance card to your visit.

Dealing with billing issues and your health insurance could be a complicated task. The My Care Syracuse administrative team is here to answer your questions and help you address the most common billing and medical insurance issues.

Please bring your insurance card to your My Care Syracuse appointment. If preliminary authorization is needed, you can ask your insurance company to have that information faxed to our office. The number to use is (315) 671-5791.

All of the payment information will be available upon your visit to My Care Syracuse family practice. Keep in mind that the decompression table packages will have to be paid in full prior to scheduling your appointment.

Understanding Billing Information

As a My Care Syracuse patient, you will receive at least one bill from our facility. Go through the billing information to learn more about the amount you owe.

The bill will usually come from the name of the physician that examined you and provided medical care at our facilities. You can always contact us to ask questions about the bill that you received or the manner in which the final amount was calculated.

We will contact your insurance company directly to get payment for the services and tests that are included in your plan. If any of the family medicine or diagnostic procedures that you benefited from are not included in your medical insurance coverage, you will be responsible for the additional payment.

Payment is required within [X] days of billing. We accept a range of payment methods that include cash payments, checks, money orders or credit card payments. There are various ATMs located close to the My Care Syracuse facilities in case you want to make a cash payment for the services that you received.

Are you finding yourself incapable of making a full payment after ending your treatment? If so, contact our team to discuss the possibility for the creation of a personalized payment plan. You can also use the Contact Us form on our website to discuss billing and payment issues with our team.

The wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients are a primary concern for the members of our team. This is why our insurance and billing policies are quite flexible. We strive to give patients all of the information needed to make the best possible healthcare decisions. Give us a call right now if you need additional assistance about insurances, billing and payment options.

Your Rights and Obligations as Our Patient

Talking to your insurance company is always a good idea before scheduling a medical appointment. Discuss any questions you may have about the types of procedures, treatments and diagnostic tests that will be covered by your company.

You can also ask us any question about billing prior to scheduling your appointment.

Arrive to your appointment a little bit early to make sure all administrative issues have been dealt with. Coming to My Care Syracuse on time will give us the opportunity to process your insurance information and to fill out all of the required documents in advance. You can also use this opportunity to ask additional questions.

*Please remember: Your insurance is a contract between you, your employer, and your insurance company. You are personally responsible for any bill, or portion thereof, not paid by your insurance company.