My Care Syracuse Family Medicine

Our numerous years of experience in the field of family medicine turn us into the right professionals to work with on discovering the best, safest and most appropriate treatment or course of action.

The medical professionals on our team provide a full range of family medicine services to patients of all ages.

Some of the most common services in the specialty of family medicine include:
Initial physical examination and health assessment, DOT physicals
Diagnostic tests, preoperative evaluations
Family planning and birth control assistance
Medical care for pregnant and nursing women together with their OB/GYN
Treatment of minor and major illnesses and medical conditions
Exercise therapy, Tens units, braces, traction
Activity, sports and fitness screening, weight management
Individual counseling and referral when appropriate
Yearly Medicare Wellness Exams (Once on Medicare Insurance)
Lung Cancer Screening Exams (Over 55 years old with more than 1 PPD x 30 years)
Free Screening for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency: a hereditary cause of COPD
Annual School or Sports Physicals, GYN Exams and coming soon: DOT Physicals
End of life care
We are Certified to prescribe medical marijuana.

What is Family Medicine?

The family medicine professional is the only physician that can help to manage all of your healthcare and wellbeing needs throughout your life. This all-encompassing field provides comprehensive, continuous healthcare in an attempt to guarantee the wellbeing and longevity of patients.

Family physicians also specialize in preventive care. Screening and prevention are two of the keys to protect the patient’s wellbeing over time. In addition, screening can be the only way to discover a serious medical condition earlier to allow intervention. Early diagnosis will often make the difference between life and death, which is why the importance of preventive family medicine should never be underestimated.

A family doctor will also address a long-term or a chronic health condition that you have been struggling with assisting with choices, and guiding to appropriate specialty care.
This physician is responsible for establishing a long-lasting relationship with you and understanding the factors and the problems that contribute to your chronic conditions. This knowledge of your medical history will often assist for the most adequate course of action.

Whether you are looking for full recovery options or chronic condition management, an experienced family doctor will be the right healthcare professional to guide you.

What is an Osteopathic Physician, a DO?

Osteopathic Medicine was founded in the 1800s by a man named Dr Andrew Taylor Still. It was philosophy based, needing a special group of trained physicians that treated the whole body, looked at all parts together not just an area at a time. Spinal manipulation and palpatory diagnosis are a part of this. Dr Martin attended PCOM the second medical school in the nation to offer nutrition courses for medicine, the first being Harvard.

Osteopathic Medicine today graduates 20% of all new doctors, from 30 medical schools compared to 131 allopathic or MD schools. Over 76,000 licensed physicians are DOs most in primary care but they are seen in every specialty across the United States. Dr Martin is proud to bring this experience to her new office. Please feel free to read more through the AOA, or the AAOME

Choosing a medical home is a challenge, and very important whether you see us every month every year or only once in a while.

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